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Your partner in Spain. Trade Services for Movers visiting Spain.

We provide a full distribution and support solution for Movers delivering to or collecting in Spain. Use our trade services and make us your Spanish partners, to maximise profit for your European work.
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   Our second move using Indalo Transport.
Really impressed with the care the guys exhibit when packing our stuff. Would definitely use them again. Many thanks."-
- Brian Willerton

We have fully trained porters that are legal to work in Spain and can assist you.

We can check access in villages, and provide tranship shuttle services. Or you can use us as a fulfilment service. This way, you only need to deliver in to us and we’ll do the rest. Using our 17,000 sq ft warehouse in Palomares, Almeria Province, Indalo Storage can offer you trade rates for container storage.
Unloading a trade partner's Truck
Truck delivering in to Indalo Storage Warehouse
Trade partner leaving Indalo Warehouse
Removal to Belgium with Trade partner

Let us store a removal in the event your crew unexpectedly can’t deliver in Spain.

Or to help clear down your warehouse in the UK so you have more space. Let our trade removal services help you to make your operations in Spain hassle-free.

This will help with full utilisation of your vehicles – especially when not all clients can take delivery to fit in with your schedules.

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We have fully trained loaders & porters so you can send less staff over to Spain.

We can go into the property in advance of your arrival and fully prepare, saving you time so you can turn your vehicle around faster.

Alternatively, we can assist your crew when they arrive at the property, thereby saving time and money.

Or just send the vehicle and driver over alone and, with our trade services, we can be your crew in Spain!

 Indalo Transport Transship van in Spain

Trade Assistance

Your partner in Spain - We have a full range of trade services
to help you maximise your profit.

Assembly Service

Alongside the unpack service, our assembly service will enable you to minimise the time your vehicle spends delivering in....

Porter Assist

We have fully trained Porters that can speak Spanish and are fully legal to work in Spain. They have extensive local knowledge, to...

Indalo Trade Pods

Offering a 17,000 sq ft warehouse in Palomares, Almeria Province, Indalo Storage can offer you trade rates for container storage, using...

Delivery to Client

We offer a full distribution service for the whole of Andalucia and also Murcia province. Enabling you to deliver in to us at Palomares...

Trans-Ship Service

We can provide shuttle vehicles if you have access issues upon delivery, whether planned or not...

Packing Materials

We can provide you with a full range of packing materials, from boxes and paper to Export Wrap and paper based Pleatwrap......

Access Reports

We are happy to help you avoid surprises in Spain, by providing you with an access report on your client’s address. Whether this is...

Pack & Wrap Service

We have fully trained packers/wrappers so you can send less staff over to Spain. We can go to your client's property in advance of your...

Unpacking Service

To save you money in Spain, we can help you unload, and then stay on to fully unpack and unwrap your client's removal, letting your...

Emergency Help

We are your Partner in Spain, so we can help if there is an issue with your delivery. We can help you deal with claims from clients...

Packing Materials for Clients

Let us deliver packing materials to your clients in Spain, to save them the hassle of sourcing the materials for their move...

Vehicle Loading/Unloading

Call us for help with loading or unloading vehicles from your truck or a container. Using local recovery specialists with...
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