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Are you planning a move from France to the UK? Look no further! Indalo Transport Ltd is your trusted partner for moves from France to the UK. With over a decade of experience and a team boasting over 100 years of combined experience in international removals, our services are tailored to make your relocation from France to the UK both stress-free and flawless.
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"I've done 24 international moves in my life and I can honestly say that this was the best and even the most enjoyable.
You have a great team... each one of these people is gold for your business"
- Jane Reay Jones

Moving to the UK from France

Loading Indalo Transport truck in France

Read our blogpost explaining the changes with removals to the UK from the EU since brexit. Indalo Transport have everything in place. We can guide you to a perfectly stress-free move back to the UK from a newly independent UK

Since we began our moving service in 2013 we have received great reviews from our customers because we take pride in providing people with:

  • The greatest removal service around
  • Giving our clients value for money
  • Taking all the stress out of your international move to the UK

Absolute Top Quality Service with a Personal Touch

At Indalo Transport Ltd, we pride ourselves on providing the best Removal Service for individuals or business. Our moves from France to UK are efficient, professional, and friendly.

Whether you have lived in Europe for a year or for 20, relocating can be so easy when you choose the right partner to move you.

Whether you are moving from Paris or the Mediterranean coast, we can take care of your move from France. We cover any destination in the UK, from London to the highlands of Scotland.

We also offer a service for removals to France from the UK as well.

France Paris View Move to UK

What makes Indalo Transport stand out from other companies when it comes to moving from France to the UK?

Navigating Customs Rules – We Take Care of Everything
Moving between countries now involves navigating complex customs regulations. We know the new France customs rules, since brexit, inside out. Leave the customs clearance to us.

Our European Removals Services cover everything for you. We will also get ToR for you, so you don’t have to pay import tax.

We will save you money, all included within our normal move fees.

Expert Packing Services for the Utmost Protection

We understand that your belongings require the utmost care and protection during the move. That’s why we offer a professional packing service if you need it.

Our skilled packers will visit you in your house in France, and use high-quality materials to wrap and pack your furniture and fragile items. We make sure that your belongings arrive at your new home in the UK, from France, in pristine condition.

Read more about our packing service, and the Indalo Standard, here.

If you decide to pack for yourself for your move to Spain, read our helpful guide and learn to pack like a professional.

Trained professional staff
Indalo export wrapping service
Export wrapped chair
Packing a box Indalo Transport
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Unparalleled Reliability and Experience

With over a decade of experience in relocating people to and from France, Indalo Transport Ltd has become a trusted name in the industry.

With membership of the UK government 'Buy with Confidence' scheme operated by Trading Standards, we are fully approved and ready to give you the very best move.

Our range of skills in France Removals and UK Removals allows us to handle every aspect of your move from France to the UK with precision and professionalism.

From shared loads from France to full-range Removal Services, we ensure the safe and timely delivery of your belongings.

Indalo Transport move to UK from France

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage for Peace of Mind

We understand that your possessions are valuable, both financially and sentimentally. That’s why we offer comprehensive insurance coverage for your international move.

This is included at no extra cost. Our Removals Services are designed to protect your furniture, single items, and other possessions throughout the journey.

With our full service and meticulous attention to detail, you can rest easy knowing that your belongings are in safe hands.

UK Removals from France – A Hassle-Free Experience from Start to Finish

At Indalo Transport Ltd, we strive to provide you with a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

Our removal specialists will work closely with you to understand your specific needs and tailor our services accordingly.
Inventory for customs move France to UK


At Indalo Transport we base our prices on the inventory of items to move. We also take into account the weight as well as the volume of an item.

This inventory can be sorted out by you, or we can visit you to survey what is to be moved. We also carry out video surveys, using a smartphone app.

As what you are taking toback to the UK is unique, along with the distance to be travelled and the work involved, so will your removals cost be unique. We work out our charge from the volume and weight, so if you only have a handful of things, your removals quote will be cheaper.

You need to de-clutter

Whilst it can be quite to hard get rid of things, the process of de-cluttering is actually very therapeutic. If you’re struggling to part with your possessions, here are three questions to ask yourself about each item

  • Have I used it in the last three years?
  • Is it something that’s old, outdated and easily replaced?
  • Is it of sentimental value?

If you’ve not used something for a while, it’s safe to say that you’re probably not going to use it in the future, so sell it or give it away to charity, otherwise it’ll take up precious space in your removal van.

For items with no sentimental value at all, but you’re still not sure about whether to take it with you or not, have a look on eBay at what you could sell it for. The results may sway you into letting it go for some extra cash, which always comes in handy when you’re moving.

Indalo Transport Truck in France
Indalo Transport movepack

Get in Touch

It’s always hard to say how long de-cluttering your house will take, so it’s always best to start as soon as possible.

So, you’ve made a dent in what you’d like to take with you. You’ve completed your inventory. You know when it is that you’re wanting to move.

Now is a great time to get in touch with Indalo Transport, as you are starting to get close to your move to Spain.

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Packing for your move to the UK

The team at Indalo Transport know that packing isn’t everyone’s favourite cup of tea so we offer a full packing service for your household goods if you wish.

We promise that it will take away all the stress that packing your own belongings involves.

Whilst it is a more expensive option than if you wanted to pack yourself, it’s certainly a more convenient and faster solution for you. You can sit back and not have to worry about any part of the moving process at all. You can focus on what to do when your move to Spain is complete and you have started your new life.

Our skilled packers will visit you in your house in France, and use high-quality materials to wrap and pack your furniture and fragile items. We make sure that your belongings arrive at your new home in the UK, from France, in pristine condition

Indalo Transport super strong boxes
packing a box
Export wrapped chair
Eco chips for delicate packing

The Indalo Standard: expert packing and export wrapping

You could say that watching the experienced Indalo Transport removals teams at work is like watching a work of art being created. They will visit your house and carefully pack away all the contents of each room of your home into sturdy boxes. Then they will use export wrap and eco friendly paper based 'pleatwrap' for your pictures and mirrors.
The Indalo Standard of packing

They’ll mark up all your boxes so that they know where to put them when they arrive at their new home. For larger items, the team uses a special export grade bubble blanket that’s been especially designed for protecting furniture on long moves. They also use special quilted sofa covers and padded TV covers to make sure that these items have the maximum protection.

Mattresses are put into heavy duty plastic bags to protect them. Pictures are export wrapped in bubble blanket. When the team come to loading the truck, they doubly protect your items again, by using removal transit blankets, and american style quilted pads to really make sure that nothing gets damaged.

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Counting down to moving to the UK

Once you’re all booked with moving back to the UK, this is a great time to really research the new place you’re moving to. Not only will this get you excited, it’ll also give you an idea of places to visit at first.

If it is your original town you moved to France from originally, research is still valuable. You may find out things you never knew about the Place!

When it is the last month before you relocate, it’s always a good idea to inform companies, people and organisations in the UK that you’re going to be moving to.

You alos need to make sure all the companies in France have been informed of your departure - give them your forwarding address if necessary.

EU - UK split - flag
Indalo Transport truck loading

Days to go

In the last week before your international removal, double check your inventory. If there are any additional items you wish to take with you, inform your movers.

You’ll also need to make sure that the Removal Company has received your payment five days before they arrive to collect your goods.

If you have chosen to use Indalo Transport, we ask that you to keep separate all items not meant for the removals truck.

We don’t want to accidentally ship those items with the rest of the removal!

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Choose Indalo Transport Ltd for Your Removal Services

When it comes to Removals from France, there’s no better choice than Indalo Transport Ltd. Our business will cover everything for you, from packing and transportation to delivery and unpacking.

We have the knowledge and know-how to make your move back to the uk France or from France to the UK as smooth as possible.

With our customer focused approach and dedication to service, we ensure a stress-free and seamless experience.

To see all the reviews from our lovely clients, click here

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Relocation Services – from a company that cares

If you’ve come to the point in your exciting expat journey of needing a removals quote, we really do hope that you choose us.


Because we are genuine & honest people who specialise in France and Spain removals.

We can give you the very best service and make things easy for you.

For your move to the UK, get in touch now for a free no obligation quote

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