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The Art of a Professional Household Removal: Packing to the ‘Indalo Standard’

At Indalo Transport, we take pride in delivering exceptional European removal services. Our commitment to excellence is embodied in "The Indalo Standard," a set of rigorous steps designed to ensure the utmost care and protection of your belongings throughout the entire removal process.
Indalo Standard packing of a truck
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   Our second move using Indalo Transport.
Really impressed with the care the guys exhibit when packing our stuff. Would definitely use them again. Many thanks."-
- Brian Willerton

Take a dive into the world of packing and wrapping techniques used by our fully trained experts.

Join us as we walk you through the key steps of our esteemed 'Indalo Standard', showcasing our dedication to making your European removal experience smooth, stress-free and enjoyable. This helps to ensure the safe journey for your treasured possessions across Europe.

From delicate pictures and mirrors to fragile objects, furniture, and even beds, the Indalo Standard uses the very best industry practices and materials.

We take care of your goods as though they were our own belongings.

Export Wrapping of Pictures and Mirrors

Wrapping of pictures and mirrors - Indalo Transport

A.  Export Bubble Blanket - What is it? The Indalo Standard begins with meticulous export wrapping of your valuable pictures and mirrors. Export wrap is a specialist product made up of three layers. The internal layer is tissue paper, then there is a plastic bubble layer, and the final layer on the outside is a thin plastic. On top of that, a layer of bubble wrap is added to provide that extra cushioning against bumps and jolts during transportation.

B. Sealed Against Any Atmospheric Changes. When wrapped properly, an item that is export wrapped is sealed against the atmosphere, so preventing any damage caused by changes in humidity that could lead to discoloration or deterioration over time. To ensure the utmost protection for high value pictures, an additional layer of sturdy corrugated cardboard is used. The added benefit of using corrugated cardboard is that it acts as an extra shock-absorbing layer, shielding your delicate items from any unexpected impacts. With Indalo Transport Ltd, your pictures and mirrors will receive the highest level of protection.

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Fragile Packing Using Paper

Indalo Super Strength Boxes.

We commissioned a cardboard factory to produce boxes to the highest standards, specifically for our International removals service. These ‘Indalo Boxes’ feature 3 layers of cardboard, with the middle layer being a corrugation. This gives the boxes great strength and high resistance to warping when filled and stacked in the removals truck.

Individual Wrapping to Keep Fragile Items Safe.

To ensure the safety of fragile items such as glassware, china, and ceramics, we employ our precise fragile packing technique. Every item is individually wrapped using recycled white newsprint, or acid free tissue for more delicate or silver items. This individual wrapping creates a protective barrier, preventing direct contact between fragile surfaces and reducing the risk of scratches or chips during transit.

Cushioning for Extra Protection.

Once wrapped, these fragile items are carefully placed into the Indalo boxes. Inside the box, cushioning material is placed on the bottom, sides and top, to ensure that there is a physical gap between the items and the outside. More paper is also placed between each item inside the box as well. This safeguards your goods and minimises the risk of breakage caused by collisions or vibrations during the long transport to your new home.

Biodegradable Soft Chips for Ultimate Care.

In line with our commitment to environmentally-friendly practices, Indalo Transport Ltd also employs biodegradable soft 'chips' for packing extremely delicate items into boxes. These are made from sustainable materials that break down naturally over time, reducing their impact on the environment. The soft and cushioning nature of these chips ensures that very fragile items are securely protected. We are happy to prioritize the safety of delicate items without compromising our dedication to sustainability.

Large Fragiles Wrapping Using Export Wrap

A. Shielding Valuable Items with Export Wrap. The Indalo Standard recognizes the importance of safeguarding large and valuable fragile items, such as sculptures, ornaments or delicate furniture pieces. For this purpose, our expert team employs robust export wrap.

Layering for Enhanced Protection. Layer by layer, we wrap these items, ensuring they are shielded from scratches, moisture, and impacts during handling, loading, and unloading ensuring that your precious items arrive at their destination unharmed. We will often use a layer of corrugated cardboard to give added protection. With our comprehensive approach, your precious large ornaments are given the utmost care and security.

Use of Eco Friendly Pleatwrap Paper Sandwich. To help protect our planet, we are using this paper based wrapping product more and more. It is excellent and gives a high level of protection to larger pieces of furniture. It is made up of two sheets of brown thick paper, with a layer of corrugation in the middle. As well using it on large pieces such as chests of drawers, we are increasingly using pleatwrap for pictures and mirrors too.

Pleatwrap on a piece of furniture
Export wrapped hobby horse
Export wrapped chairs
Wrapping plates for the USA
Indalo Transport boxes
Eco chips for delicates packing
Pad wrapped chest of drawers

'Pad' Wrapping of Furniture Using American Style Removal Pads

A.  What is a Removal Pad? Furniture Protection Made Easy with Removal Pads. We have the American removal industry to thank for these Pads, as these are the only thing used over there to wrap furniture. The Pads are very thick blankets made up of two layers of quilted material, with a layer of thick padding between. The quilting comes from the stitching in zigzags both up and down the pads, which also keeps the padding in place. Indalo Transport Ltd uses these thick and durable pads to provide a safeguarding layer for your furniture surfaces.

B. Wrapping Techniques for Maximum Security. Your furniture deserves the best protection, and our 'pad' wrapping technique using American style removal pads ensures just that. With meticulous attention to detail, we wrap each piece of furniture, ensuring that all exposed surfaces are covered. Our 'pad' wrapping technique guarantees maximum security for your beloved furniture items. The pads are securely fastened with tape or elastic straps. This method provides a cushioning effect, reducing the risk of damage caused by accidental bumps or shifts during transportation.

Dismantling of Beds

A. Easier Transportation through Bed Disassembly. Indalo Transport Ltd understands the challenges posed by large beds during a move. That's why we offer a bed dismantling service as part of The Indalo Standard. Our skilled team carefully disassembles the bed frames, allowing for easier transportation through narrow spaces, staircases, or doorways. Each part is meticulously labelled, ensuring a seamless reassembly process at your new location.

B. Careful Handling and Protection for Mattresses and Bed Frames. To protect your mattresses, we use specialized plastic mattress bags, which keeps them safe from dust, dirt, and moisture. With our meticulous approach, your beds and mattresses receive the utmost care and protection. These measures guarantee that both your mattresses and beds arrive in excellent condition.

Dismantling a bed - Indalo Standard
Inventory and packing process Indalo Transport

Inventory Process: Streamlining Customs Procedures.

A.  Detailed Inventory for Hassle-Free Customs Clearance. As part of the Indalo Standard, a detailed inventory is created to document all of the items being transported. This comprehensive record ensures compliance with customs regulations and helps to facilitate a smooth customs clearance procedure. It is an individual item inventory, which then feeds into our online systems linked to our Spanish and UK Customs agents. The system then produces info on the weight and value of each item as well. We handle this ‘declared value’ for you, keeping it as low as we can. Since Brexit, we have made agreements with our agents and our low values are accepted by the tax office in Spain.

B. Compliance, Security, and Insurance Claims. The inventory process is meticulously handled by our experienced team, guaranteeing hassle-free customs procedures and peace of mind for you, our valued customers. It also plays a crucial role in the unlikely event of loss or damage during transit. The inventory serves as valuable documentation for making sure we deliver everything to you as well as helping to expedite any claims process.

Embrace the Indalo Standard for Your European Removal.

Choosing Indalo Transport Ltd means embracing The Indalo Standard - an exemplary approach to European removals between Spain, the UK, France and Ireland. With our meticulous export wrapping, fragile packing, large fragiles wrapping, 'pad' wrapping of furniture, bed dismantling service, and streamlined inventory process, we prioritize the care, security, and efficiency of your move. Trust our dedicated team to handle every step with expertise, ensuring your belongings reach their European destination in perfect condition.

Experience the Indalo difference - where excellence is our only standard.
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