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Professional removals from Ireland to Spain

If you’re thinking of moving to Spain, read on to find out how to make the move an easy and enjoyable experience.
At Indalo Transport, we have more than 10 years of  Spain Removals experience. We recognize that your move is not just about transporting household items. It’s about starting a new chapter in your life.
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"I've done 24 international moves in my life and I can honestly say that this was the best and even the most enjoyable.
You have a great team... each one of these people is gold for your business"
- Jane Reay Jones

Removals from Ireland to Spain - an enjoyable experience

Truck unloading in Spain

We are commited to giving you an expert move to Spain from Ireland. This means that you can focus on embracing your new Spanish lifestyle.

As we handle all aspects of your move, you can look forward to exciting opportunities and a bright future in Spain.

Whether it is a part load or a full house removal, as an Irish Citizen moving to Spain, you can be sure that we have the vehicles and experience to get the job done right.

With our complete door to door insurance coverage, Indalo Transport provides genuine peace of mind.

We also offer removals from Spain back to Ireland too.

Our Spanish Company, Indalo Storage, has a huge warehouse in Palomares in Almeria Province. This is just along the road from lovely Mojacar. So we are perfectly placed to provide you with the best possible service in South Eastern Spain.

We are fully approved by Trading Standards and so accredited by the UK government run program. Indalo Transport is also an accredited member of Move Assured.

Your belongings really are in safe hands with us and our moving services taking care of your Removal from Ireland to Spain.

We have been moving household goods into and out of Spain for over 10 years, and our team has over 100 years of combined experience.

Indalo Storage Spain Warehouse + vans

Our commitment is to providing you with expert removals to Spain from Ireland

Because many of the team here at Indalo Transport are expats themselves, we have a unique insight into what it takes to make a move abroad a success.

Allow Indalo Transport to handle the logistics when moving to Spain. This way you can focus on integrating seamlessly into your new Spanish community.

A lot of our customers come from recommendations by people we've helped before.

Our own experience with moving means "we get it." This lets us help you avoid issues right from the beginning.

We provide road transportation for your move to Spain and use modern, specialized vehicles to handle your relocation within the European Union.

By selecting us as your moving partner, you're not just choosing a service; you're opting for a comprehensive support system that will transform the complexities of moving into a straightforward and satisfying experience.

With our track record of customer satisfaction and a commitment to continuous improvement, we're confident that your move to Spain will be as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Here is a true story of how one couple fared on their UK to Spain removal in 2019. Read on to see how good Indalo Transport is at unloading the stress of a European move.

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We move all sizes of house!
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Spanish Culture & Vibrant Traditions

As you embark on this life-changing journey move to Spain from Ireland, immerse yourself in the charm of Spanish culture. With year round sunshine and hot weather, you’ll enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle.

From lively flamenco performances to indulgent tapas and siestas, you’ll be embracing a way of life that celebrates family, friends, and community. Spain’s fiestas and local festivals offer exciting experiences that showcase its unique traditions and customs.

Settling in - Residency info

Obtaining Spanish residency is a pivotal step in making your move to Spain permanent.  Once you arrive it is important to start the process within three months. No need to visit the Spanish Embassy for this, just ask your legal advisor in Spain. Once you have your social security number, the NIE, you can apply. Spain boasts many ‘assesorias’ that can sort out the application for you. As an Irish Citizen, you will find that English is widely spoken.

However, if you want to make the application yourself at the oficina de extranjeros, you will need to be able to speak Spanish.

Driving Licence Exchange Timeline

You will need to take care that you exchange your Irish Driving licence for a Spanish licence within at least six months of moving to Spain.

The process is quite straightforward and your assesoria or legal representative can help with this.

Guardia civil checking documents

Why Choose Indalo Transport for Your Removals Ireland to Spain?

Inventory for your move

Stress-Free Moving to Spain

At Indalo Transport, we prioritize your complete satisfaction above all else. Moving to Spain can be overwhelming, but our friendly and professional team has years of local knowledge.

We are experts of moving services and are here to make the process easy.

From the initial contact to settling into your new Spanish home, we provide a personalized service. Your move to Spain from Ireland, tailored to your unique needs.

Extensive Knowledge of Ireland Removals

Our experience in international moving equips us with the expertise to navigate Spain removals with ease.

Moving to Spain from Ireland brings new opportunities, and we are here to help you make informed decisions about your new destination.

Trust in our Experience

Trust in us to handle the logistics, ensuring a smooth transition to your new home for you and your loved ones. We offer a regular road transport service for your move to Spain via the Rosslare to Bilbao ferry.

We use specialist vehicles to handle your move to the European Union. Whilst it is a long way between Ireland and Spain, with our removal service we can fit in with your delivery dates.

Our experience in international relocations equips us with the expertise to navigate Spain removals with ease.

For a free guide on how to choose your removal company, read our free blogpost and find out the 2 simple steps you need to take for your next move.

The Indalo Transport team
Delivery to a Spanish city

Diverse Country - Choosing your Destination

Spain is a country of incredible diversity, boasting a wide range of captivating regions that cater to every taste and preference.

From the cosmopolitan cities like Barcelona and Madrid, with their bustling energy and rich cultural heritage, to the tranquil coastal towns like La Zagaleta and La Alcaidesa, where pristine beaches and breathtaking views abound, Spain offers something for everyone.

The vibrant Andalusia region in the south delights visitors with its historic cities. These include Seville, Granada, and Cordoba, showcasing magnificent Moorish architecture and an enchanting blend of cultures.

Meanwhile, the coastal regions of Costa del Sol and Costa Brava beckon with their sun-drenched beaches, making them popular destinations for beach lovers and water enthusiasts.

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Expert Packing Ireland to Spain – Relax and let us do the hard work!

Your household goods are in safe hands with Indalo Transport. Our expert packing services use top-quality packing materials and advanced techniques to protect your belongings during transit. Whether it's moving delicate items or cherished possessions, we handle each item with care. We ensure everything arrives in pristine condition at your new Spanish residence.
The Indalo Standard packing service

Your treasured belongings deserve the utmost care. With all our removals to Spain, Indalo Transport treats each of your treasured possessions as if it were our own. We ensure careful loading, transportation, and unloading.

Rest easy knowing that your household goods are being handled with the highest level of attention and care throughout the entire relocation process for your removal from Ireland to Spain.

Read more about our packing service, and the Indalo Standard, here.

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Road Transportation to Spain from Ireland

When it comes to relocation, Ro-ro ferry and road transportation are the preferred methods for moving belongings and personal effects to Spain. Air freight is never an option for household removals when you relocate to Spain.

Whether you choose the urban charm of the cities, the serene ambiance of coastal towns, or the rustic beauty of the countryside, Spain’s diverse landscapes and culture provide a gateway to endless exploration and opportunities.

The country’s remarkable variety ensures that each region offers a unique experience, making Spain an extraordinary destination for both residents and visitors alike.

Whether you prefer the energy of bustling cities like Madrid and Barcelona or the tranquility of coastal towns like Nueva Andalucia and La Linea, we can help you with removals to any part of Spain.

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professional move from Ireland to Spain

Professional Moving

With a strong track record of successful moves, Indalo Transport has gained the trust of Irish citizens relocating to Spain. Our extensive knowledge of Spain’s cities, towns, and regions ensures a smooth transition to your new home.  

Trust in us to handle every detail, allowing you to embark on your new life in Spain with confidence. Rest assured, your move to Spain is in the hands of experienced professionals.

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Exceptional Service & Meticulous Care

Indalo Transport’s exceptional service and goes beyond the standard relocation process. From the moment you contact us for a quote to the day you settle into your new home, we offer support and assistance.

Our local knowledge and experienced expat teams ensure successful moving services for you.

Read our many reviews from the hundreds of lovely clients we have helped with their Removal Ireland to Spain over the years. Trust us to make your journey to Spain a memorable and positive experience.

A very happy client with the crew

Conclusion - Embrace a New Life in Spain with Indalo Transport

As you prepare to move to Spain from Ireland, let Indalo Transport be your removals guiding light. Our meticulous and efficient Spain removals services over many years sets us apart as your reliable Spain moving service.

Embrace the year round outdoor lifestyle that awaits you in Spain with confidence, knowing Indalo Transport will be there to support you every step of the way during your move from Ireland to Spain.

To find out how much it will cost to move to Spain, read our free blog post guide here.

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