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The home of the Indalo Pod – the best way to store your goods in Almeria Province.

Along with Indalo Transport, we offer the complete solution for Storage and Removals for residents in Mojacar, Vera, Garrucha, Turre, Albox and all the other towns in the Levante area of Spain in the Costa de Almeria.

With a large ‘Self-Pack Store' selling all types of packing materials, as well as our huge warehouse, please visit us in Palomares soon for all your storage and removal needs.
Indalo Storage Warehouse + Indalo Pods
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   Our second move using Indalo Transport.
Really impressed with the care the guys exhibit when packing our stuff. Would definitely use them again. Many thanks."
- Brian Willerton


Collected. Stored. Returned.

Platinum Storage - We do everything for you!

We pick up, store your items, and return them too.

With this service, all you have to do is call us, and we’ll do all the rest!

5 star expert service from fully trained professionals, we’ll even pack for you as well!

The team at Indalo Storage know that packing isn’t everyone’s favourite cup of tea so we offer a full packing service within Platinum storage. We promise that it will take away all the stresses that packing your own belongings normally involves.

Whilst this is a more expensive option than packing for yourself, it’s certainly a more convenient and faster solution for you. You can sit back and not have to worry about any part of the moving process at all.

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Expert packing if needed

The fully experienced and trained Indalo Storage team will visit your house and carefully pack away all the contents of each room of your home into our super strong boxes, using wrapping paper for delicate or fragile items. You only pay for the packing materials used for your removal.

They'll mark up your boxes so we know what's inside them, to save time when we come to deliver.

For larger items, the team uses a special export grade bubble blanket that's been specially designed for protecting furniture.

We also use eco friendly paper based 'pleatwrap' when possible to save on plastic use.

We also wrap your pictures and mirrors, as it seals them from the atmosphere, which will help preserve things in storage.

We then make a full inventory of the goods as they are loaded into the vehicle, which is a requirement of our Insurance Company - and of customs for international moves.

We protect everything inside the vehicle using quilted pads and removal blankets as necessary.

Expert Packing  and Wrapping rom Indalo Transport
Gold Storage with Indalo Transport


Load. Store. Return.

We help you load, saving you money.

Gold Storage is the only solution if you want to help load your goods at your property. With this service, we bring an Indalo Pod to you at your property. Then our fully trained driver helps you to load it. He’ll make an inventory of the goods stored, which is needed for our insurance cover.

You can hire Removal blankets too. These are important to protect your goods and make sure nothing gets damaged by rubbing together.

When we have everything of yours loaded into the pod, it is then taken to our secure warehouse and placed into storage.

No need to hire a van with Gold Storage, but you still have full control of your storage.

Professional Packing Materials

Need packing materials before we arrive?

Professional packing materials, including super strong triple wall boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap and anything else you could need to protect your precious goods, are all available from our Self-Pack Store. This is inside our modern warehouse. If you can’t get to us to pick up what you need,  we can even deliver all the packing materials to you.

Visit our self pack store and buy the packing materials the professional use.

Self Pack Store at Indalo Storage Warehouse


You bring it. You load it.

Self Storage—you're in full control
Silver Storage - Indalo Pod for you to fill

This is for those who are on a budget and want to save money by bringing everything to our warehouse.

Just like you would do in the UK, you can bring your goods to our super modern warehouse in Palomares and pack it away yourself.

We will prepare an Indalo Pod in the Client Loading Area for you, which you then fill at your leisure. Don’t worry, with Silver self storage you have 5 full days of access to fill your Pod when the warehouse is open - 9am to 1pm weekdays.

Packing materials are available in the Self-Pack Store, and removal blankets are available as well, to buy or to hire.

When you’ve finished filling the Pod, we take the Pod and place it into the main storage area. Safe, secure and accessible if you need, silver self storage is your local solution if you need to store anything.

When you want everything back, just book a collection slot, and we will have the Pod ready for you in the Client Loading Area.

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Bronze Storage - pallets at Indalo Transport

Pallet Storage.
Unbeatable value!

Save money on small storage - just €6 per week!

Just bring everything to our warehouse and place it on a pallet in our client loading area. We’ll then shrink wrap it and place it onto purpose built racking to keep it safe for as long as you want.

Or we can send a small van and collect everything for you. This 'Indalo man and van' service is on an hourly charge – please call for details.

When you want everything back, just book a collection slot, and we will have the Pallet ready for you in the Client Loading Area.

Professional packing materials are available as well, including super strong triple wall boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap and anything else you could need to protect your precious goods, from our Self-Pack Store.

Not Allowed in Storage

There are quite a few things you are NOT allowed in storage inside an Indalo Pod
Police, Guardia Civil and Customs Officers have full powers to inspect what you have in store. This is also why we need your NIE/DNI number and also a contact address while you are storing with us.
If you aren’t sure if something is allowed, please ask!
You are not allowed to store:
Food or perishable goods
Anything flammable
Chemicals or hazardous goods
Anything emitting fumes or smell
Valuables- cash, jewelery, etc.
Illegal goods

Self-pack Store

A full range of packaging. Top quality materials for your next move.
Indalo Transport super strong Boxes
Highest quality triple wall boxes
Our boxes are perfect for long term storage and for Trans-European removals.

With three layers of card and 2 layers of corrugated board, they are great for stacking.

Read our online guide here to all the best packing tips so you can pack like a professional.
Bubble wrap for delicates
Small cell bubble wrap
For maximum protection for all your delicate and fragile items.

Our bubble wrap that comes in handy 30cm wide rolls at 100m long.

This is perfect for larger items like Vases and statues and other large delicates.

When followed with a card or pleatwrap layer, this gives maximum protection.
Wrapping paper to protect your fragiles
Wrapping paper
To protect everything within your boxes, you should use large sheets of wrapping paper.

Sold in handy packs of 2.5kg, this is the perfect eco-friendly way to protect fragiles inside your boxes.

Air is your friend when packing. Paper can be scrunched up to provide a nice springy protection layer, which helps to keep all your precious items separated.

Export bubble blanket
Photo showing the layers inside export pleatwrap.Export pleat wrap.
Export grade bubble blanket and paper based 'Pleatwrap'
This is what all the professional removers use to wrap items ready for placing into a steel container when dealing with a move that is going overseas, which is why we all call it export wrap.
Pleatwrap is newer and an eco friendly alternative we are now regularly using instead, so as to use less plastic.

Wrapping goods is ideal as it seals items from the surrounding atmosphere and helps to prevent ‘sweating’ and the formation of condensation, which can damage your goods.

Bubble Blanket and Pleatwrap is sold by the metre in whatever length you require, starting at 1m.
Hanging Garment wardrobe boxPlastic sofa coversEco packing pelletsTape GunCraft knifeEco Tape - Paper based super sticky Permanent black marker penPermanent black marker pen
We have wardrobe boxes for sale, with plastic hanging rails, to stop your clothes getting creased when you move or store them. However we don't recommend their use ofr extended storage or for International removals.

As well this, we have a range of large plastic bags. You can use these to protect your sofas or chairs, and also mattresses too.

For the ultimate protection for very delicate items, we sell eco friendly starch based poly chips in bags.

There is also a narrow 100mm shrink wrap. We also sell a handy dispenser, so this is perfect to wrap those smaller items and also hold bubble wrap on.

We also have tape guns, tape, utility knives and permanent markers in stock for you.

Visit the Self-Pack Store to see the full range – everything you could ever need to protect your precious possessions on your next removal, or in storage.

Pantechnicon in Indalo Storage Warehouse

Our huge storage warehouse

Secure Storage in Southern Spain, in a purpose built facility in Palomares, a stone's throw from the lovely Mediterranean Sea.

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