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Moving to Almeria

Embrace the Charms of moving to Almeria, Spain. An Expat Guide to unlock Hidden Gems, Practical Insights, and a Mediterranean Lifestyle

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Moving to Almeria an expat guide is part of our series of guides about the villages, towns, cities, provinces and regions of Spain. It will give you plenty of information about becoming an expat in the wonderful province of Almeria, and moving to this region of Andalucia in Spain.

If you’re window shopping because you haven’t yet decided whether you want to become an expat, or if you have, and you just can’t decide where it is that you’d like to call your new home, this may well help make up your mind.

And, if you do already live in the Province of Almeria, and are looking for some interesting and unique things to do here, you won’t be disappointed!

Moving to Almeria an expat guide unveils just some of the truly one-of-a-kind experiences and sights to see in Almeria.

Moving to Almeria – where is it?

Almeria is located in southern Spain, in the south-east corner of the Iberian Peninsula, on the beautiful shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

Almeria Spain

Inland, where it’s sparsely populated, there’s an eclectic array of fertile fields, saltwater lakes, arid deserts, and the imposing presence of the awe-inspiring Sierra de Gádor mountain range for you to behold.

As you descend towards the coast, the landscape changes – Nature Reserves and rich fauna, along with volcanic cliffs which rise majestically from the warm ocean, revealing hidden coves with transparent sea beds, traditional fishing villages, premier beach resorts and 200 kilometres of blue flag beaches.

This really is an area which offers the expat something truly amazing; the magic of snow on the far-flung mountains, deserts, and the bountiful sea. If you’re thinking of moving to Almeria in 2023, read all of this guide to becoming an expat here in Almeria and be enchanted.

Popular Cities, Towns and Villages in Almeria

Plus things you can see and do there

City of Almeria

Almeria begs to be explored. It is steeped in Moorish history and oozes charm.

It is a haven for history buffs and art enthusiasts, as well as culture connoisseurs.

Its cramped, winding streets magnify the hustle and bustle of this busy city which offers great tapas (usually free in bars, if you’re not too afraid to ask!)

Things to see and do

Explore he Museo Refugio De La Guerra Civil

Take an unforgettable eco boat tour of El Cabo a Fondo

Unearth ancient secrets at the Archaelogical Museum at Los Millares

Almeria - Mojacar, Roquetas

Town of Roquetas de Mar

Modernity meets history at this large beach resort in Almeria.

Filled with every modern facility an expat and their family could ever need, it also has lots of activities and natural wonders to keep even the most easily bored person occupied.

Things to see and do

Grab yourself a bargain at the huge Thursday Street Market

Take the kids for a fun day out at Castor Park

Become a Toreador at the Plaza De Toros Museum

Village of Mojácar

Mojácar is a place where an expat feels like they’ve stepped back in time.

Quintessentially Spanish with hints of Moorish history, this village offers expats a much slower pace of life.

Things here are quiet and peaceful, until the Fiestas come around, & then it’s time to party.


Things to see and do

Take a dive you’ll never forget

Ride quads, trek on ponies, have a go at archery, the choice is yours at Extreme Adventure

Have a relaxing game of golf at the stunning Marina Golf course

Other notable places in the Province of Almeria include:

  • Nijar
  • Velez Blanco
  • San Jose
  • Vera
  • Cuevas del Almanzora
  • Sorbas
  • Bedar
  • Adra
  • Palomares
  • Los Gallardos
  • Laujar de Andarax
  • El Pinar
  • Taberno
  • Macael
  • Serón
  • Chirivel
  • Lubrin
  • Pulpi
  • Alfaix
  • Oria
  • Villaricos
  • San José
  • Olula del Rio
  • Tabernas
  • Aguadulce
  • Huercal Overa
  • Albox
  • Carboneras
  • La Alfoquia
  • Velez Rubio
  • Antas
  • Cantoria
  • Olula del Campo
  • Gador
  • Los Carasoles
  • San Juan de los Terreros
  • Las Negras
  • El Ejido

What’s it like for a British expat to live in Almeria?


The Province of Almeria is located in the only region of Europe which has a hot, subtropical desert climate, and annual temperatures normally get above 19°C. It is the warmest and driest area of Europe and there’s little rainfall, so winters are warm and dry. The summers are sizzlingly hot with no chance of rain at all.

I love Almeria Indalo Transport

Almeria enjoys about 3,000 hours of sunshine a year and Almeria City is unique in Europe for not having recorded any temperatures below freezing.

The coldest temperature was 0.2°C in February 1935! The warmest temperature recorded was in the summer of 2011 with daily highs reaching an astronomical 43°C, and at night the temperatures don’t ever seem to drop below 8°C.

Ease at finding an English speaking job if you move to Almeria

It’s relatively easy for a British expat to find a job if you decide on moving to Almeria in 2023, as the county has blossomed into a popular tourist destination. But you will need to arrange a work visa now that the UK has left the European Union.

As with anywhere, cities and large towns offer the best chances for gaining employment. If you run your own business and work from home, you can live anywhere! Most English speaking jobs here are based around the retail and hospitality sectors.

Most full time working hours are 40 per week, and due to afternoon siestas, shifts are split up so that you have a three hour break between 2.00pm and 5.00pm.

Quality of life

Almeria offers expats the chance to slow down, take stock and really enjoy the here and now.

The pace of life, on the whole, is less hectic, much more so in the smaller towns and villages, but the city of Almeria and its larger neighbours still offer the exciting nightlife and cultural experiences, even more flamboyantly so when there are fiestas.

Almeria things to do

There are loads of things to see and do in Almeria, including Wild West Film Sets, taking a camel ride in Mojácar and visiting the Vera Water Park

There are so many shops to explore, cafés and restaurants to dine in to get an authentic taste of Spanish gastronomy, and sports to do to keep fit and healthy that expats will never be bored. The cost of things in Almeria are affordable; essential grocery shopping, meals out, activities and renting property are nearly 50 percent cheaper than they are in the Spanish capital, Madrid.

With the fantastic Spanish Health Care system, its gloriously sunny weather, having the clearest skies in Europe and having a laid-back attitude to boot, the Province of Almeria really is a great place for an expat to call their new home.

This article, Moving to Almeria an expat guide has covered the major things, but there is loads more to discover in this wonderful area.

If you’ve found this moving to Almeria article useful and you’d like to find out more about moving to Almeria from the UK, or if you’d like to book your Removal to Almeria, get in touch with Indalo Transport Ltd for a quote

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