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Moving to Spain: Your Guide to Choosing an International Moving Company

Relocating to a new country is an exciting adventure. But it also comes with its fair share of challenges, particularly when moving your belongings. Choose the right company for your international removals to ensure a smooth and stress-free relocation to Spain.

Many International moving companies are available, and they all claim to be the greatest. So, how do you guarantee the safe arrival of your belongings and the best overseas shipping experience for you?

In this article, you’ll learn:

The benefits of using an expert international moving company

Key considerations when choosing international movers

Important questions you should ask when moving overseas

Reasons to Hire an International Moving Company

Moving abroad doesn’t have to be a difficult or daunting process. Hiring an expert international removals company is the best decision when moving abroad to Spain.

To begin with, hiring an expert overseas removals service will streamline the procedure. Some other advantages of hiring international removals firms are:

Dependability and Accountability

Let’s be honest: You need to trust the service offered, be confident that they will do what they say, and protect your treasured belongings.

Using a professional removals companies with a proven track record gives you the benefit of accountability. Your stress levels may increase if you move without a skilled team for your international removal. An expert moving company will handle your move and make every effort to treat your goods with the same care as if they were their own.

More Efficient

Using an established international removals company will be more efficient. Their dedicated team will take less time. They will know the fastest methods and will be more efficient with your overseas move.

To prevent damage or loss to your goods during the moving process, international movers will know how to optimize each load. Additionally, they know how to properly secure it.

Customs clearance for Overseas Removals

Within the world of overseas removals from country to country, Customs clearance is very important. Experience with the documentation needed for it is an absolute priority. Knowing the procedures will save you money, by using alliances with customs agents. This also means that your new life can begin without any nasty financial surprises.

European Network for Transportation

An International overseas shipping company will have experience to ensure a safe and timely movement of your belongings. This not only ensures swift transportation but also provides you with the peace of mind that your personal effects are in capable hands. If you need storage services, they will be able to arrange that as well.

Risk Mitigation and Insurance Coverage

Despite your planning, unforeseen events can occur during an international move.

Professional moving companies offer insurance coverage to safeguard your belongings against potential risks. This layer of protection provides you with reassurance and financial security. It ensures that you are covered in the rare event of an unfortunate incident. These insurance services are very important with all long distance removals.

Tips for Choosing an International Moving Company

Whenever you want to be moving overseas, you should always use experts in international removals.

When you are relocating abroad, some tips to ensure you get the right movers include:

Understand international removals

Consider which household goods you want to bring with you. Generally speaking, moving costs increase with the size of the move, so consignment size is important. Wherever you move to in the world, make sure that your new address is large enough, otherwise there will be a problem with the final delivery.

Remember also that there are restrictions on what you can move from the UK into European destinations.

What NOT to pack: Prohibited Goods

Hazardous materials :- Items that are corrosive or flammable


Any sort of weapon, including long knives

Plants or other living items

Alcohol and illegal drugs

Valuable Tips and Suggestions:

Declutter before you pack:

Sell, donate, or garage sale items you don’t need. It streamlines the shipping process and will save you money.

Digitalize documents:

Use apps to create PDF copies of certain documents. However, essential documents like tax records must be presented in their original form and kept for 6 years.

Download our 'Essential European Removal Guide'

For the best planning help, download the free guide available from Indalo Transport. With checklists and help for every stage of an international removal, download this indispensable resource today.

Conduct Research

Start by compiling a list of reputable companies that specialise in international removals. Use online resources to get information about different moving companies and their services. Think of services you may need, such as:

Packing Service

Whilst it may cost a bit more, a full packing service will help to make the move much easier for you. Read up on the Indalo Transport ' Indalo Standard' packing service here.

Storage services

Check if the company can store your goods before moving overseas. Also, is there an option to store everything in the destination country if necessary.

Vehicle Movement

If you are wanting to ship your car to the new house, then make sure that the international relocation business you choose can do this. Some overseas shipping services may not include this option. Or they may not have a cost effective method.

Compare Services and Prices

After making your own list of international moving companies, check their services and prices.

Request detailed quotes from each international removal company, outlining the specific requirements of your move to Spain. Some key factors to consider:

Transportation expenses.

Obtaining quotes from more than one moving company is best to secure a competitive price for moving abroad.

Be very careful that you are comparing equal services, as some companies may not include it within the basic price.

Customs duties and taxes.

International removals usually incur import duties and taxes by the destination country. Using an efficient removal service that has experience of overseas shipping will make sure these fees stay as low as possible.

Insurance coverage.

While most moving companies offer basic liability coverage, they may not fully safeguard all valuables. Check the level of cover and what is included.

Check Customer Reviews and Testimonials

When choosing an international moving company, gathering insights from past customers is always a good idea. Read customer reviews to find out the experiences of other peoples moves to worldwide destinations.

Pay attention to the overall sentiment of the reviews and any recurring concerns that may arise. 

Positive reviews show a removals company’s reliability and customer-focused approach. On the other hand, negative reviews can highlight potential red flags to consider.

Ensure the Company is Licensed and Insured

International relocations involve logistical and regulatory complexities, unlike domestic moves within one country. Working with a licensed removals company is essential for safeguarding your belongings. Moreover, it ensures compliance with international shipping requirements now that the UK has left he European Union.

In-person or Virtual Consultations

As you narrow down your list, consider scheduling consultations. This is further to evaluate their suitability for your relocation to Spain.

Many reputable moving companies offer in-person as well as virtual consultations.

During these consultations, take the opportunity to assess the professionalism, knowledge, and responsiveness. Use this time to inquire about the company’s approach to international removals. In addition, check their familiarity with the Spanish market and any additional services or resources.

Why Choose Indalo Transport

Indalo Transport stands out as a leading choice for international relocations to Spain. They have over a hundred combined years of experience and a commitment to full customer satisfaction. With a huge warehouse down in Southern Spain, they have storage services to suit you. They are a perfectly placed to give you the best international removals experience.

With European removals carried out over more than ten years, Indalo Transport has established a strong reputation. They deliver a specialist, seamless and reliable international removals service. Get in touch with the removals team now and speak with a moving coordinator, to make sure you don't have a stressful experience with your next removal.

Indalo Transport is one of the most reputable movers, and they will assist you with everything. Their team of experts is committed to making your international move an enjoyable and easy experience.

FAQs About Choosing International Moving companies

What do international movers do?

Your personal possessions and furniture will be packed, loaded, and transported from the UK to your chosen destination. They are delivered by international removal companies safely and securely to your new home and with the least stress for you. The best companies will save time for you and give you an accurate cost. They will also have great transit times with the fastest method, making the overseas move a great experience for you.

Is international moving expensive?

International moving services vary in price depending on several factors. It depends on where in the world you are moving to overseas, along with whether your goods are going by road or shipping container. It will always be more expensive than a domestic move within a country. The further away destinations worldwide will cost more as well.

How can I obtain accurate quotes for an international move?

For an accurate free quote, you will need to provide detailed information about your move. Consider an in-home survey for a more precise quote, although many companies now carry out very quick video surveys. This will reduce the time needed to give you an international moves price, and will be easier for you too.

Is insurance included in the moving package?

Most international removals companies provide basic liability coverage. But it may only cover part of your possessions. Inquire about additional insurance options, especially for high-value or sentimental items. Indalo transport always includes full Goods in Transit insurance cover up to £80,000 per vehicle, at no extra charge.


Choosing the right international moving company will definitely impact your removals to Spain.

When looking for an expert international removals company, Indalo Transport stands out. The company’s dedication and personalised approach make it an ideal partner for your overseas move.

If you want a stress-free transition to Spain, choose an international shipping service with experience of overseas removals from the UK. Start your journey the right way, by choosing the right international movers for your move to Spain.

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